Harvard: Do not appeal to the Trump NLRB to weaken rules for fair union elections

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On July 7, the Regional Director of the NLRB ruled that the Harvard University administration violated the Excelsior Rule, a cornerstone of democratic workplace protections since 1966 that requires employers to provide complete and accurate lists of all workers to unions petitioning for elections. To avoid a fair election, Harvard administration intends to appeal to the federal NLRB to weaken requirements for complete and accurate lists. As the Regional Director writes, “In essence, the Employer seeks to change established Board law.” This rule, which has been upheld by the NLRB for decades, ensures that all voters have access to information from both the employer and the union so that they can make an informed vote. Harvard’s appeal would undermine these democratic protections not just at Harvard, but across the entire country.

Petitioning a Trump NLRB to disregard rules protecting fair union elections could be disastrous for all US workers and for workplace democracy. At a time when so many of the basic protections Americans have taken for granted are in jeopardy, we ask that Harvard not give further power to anti-worker and anti-democratic forces.

The petition calls on Harvard not to appeal the Regional Director’s decision. Please consider adding your name in support.
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Harvard Graduate Students Union – UAW Organizing Committee
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Harvard Graduate Students Union – UAW Organizing Committee
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