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We are coming together from all of Harvard’s campuses to discuss our visions of a Healthy Harvard. Collectively, we can begin to imagine what would make our university a healthy place to live and work, and once our union is recognized, we will sit down with the Harvard administration and negotiate towards those goals.

Through this larger discussion, we can identify critical areas for improvement to make Harvard healthier and more sustainable for all. These encompass everything from better mental health coverage and dental insurance, stronger workload protections, increased parental support and greater disability access to improved sexual assault, diversity and anti-discrimination policies.

Join us in the coming months for events, actions, and discussions based around these issues. The campaign will culminate in an event on April 28th, which will highlight our conversations and show the entire community the Healthy Harvard we envision. #WorkingForAHealthyHarvard

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Mental, Dental, Healthcare Job Security Workload Protections Fair Wages Workspace and Housing