On Friday, only two days after President Trump’s first appointee to the NLRB was confirmed, Harvard rejected the Regional Director’s order of a new election by appealing to the federal board in Washington.

Earlier this summer, deliberations for our union election ended and the Regional board ruled that Harvard administrators’ violation of the election rules, leaving more than 500 people off the voter list, required a new, fair election. Harvard does not dispute these facts. Instead, administrators are trying to change the law, to give more leeway to employers in compiling voter lists, weakening democratic protections at a moment when democratic protections everywhere are vulnerable.

Our organizing committee has created a petition that calls on Harvard to drop this dangerous appeal. Hundreds of student workers have already signed on, as well as hundreds more concerned community members. If you’ve already signed, please share the petition with your network. If not, we hope that you’ll add your voice and send a powerful message to administrators that the aims of this appeal are out of step with our values as a community.

In solidarity,

The HGSU-UAW Organizing Committee