Recent Updates

Panel on Title IX, Campus Sexual Violence and Ways Forward

On October 17, we joined with local and national student activists to host a panel on how university administrators can protect survivors’ access to an equal education by upholding commitments to Title IX protections. If you’d like to organize on this issue, please get in touch!

Healthcare Update

Surprising health care costs have affected many graduate students this school year. We met with HUHS to discuss these changes. We found out that some of these changes are the result of a system glitch and some students may be eligible to receive reimbursements. We recommend contacting Member Services or Patient Advocate (both located next to the HUHS pharmacy) to determine if you are eligible for this reimbursement or why your prescription price has changed. Not all changes in costs are the result of system glitches however and this means many students still experience massive shocks to their budgets: read their stories here.

Immigration Outreach

The Department of Homeland Security is expected to make an announcement regarding the renewal of Temporary Protected Status for nationals of Honduras, El Salvador, and Haiti this month. The International Scholars Working Group is ramping up efforts to support workers on campus and raise awareness on these issues. Please be in touch if you’d like to help! Find out more here.

Voices of Harvard

Our International Scholars Working Group is joining with Harvard College Act on a Dream to launch Voices of Harvard, a project to record audio testimonials of our community members’ anxieties about one’s own immigration status or that of one’s loved ones and friends. If you’d like to share your story, please fill out this form.


In August, we featured contract wins from unions across the country that have made workplaces more diverse, more accessible, more family-friendly and more representative of the needs and priorities of workers. These wins include paid diversity work, gender-neutral restrooms or concrete protections from sexual harassment. Check out our new webpage here.

Upcoming Events

Harvard: Support Students and Workers #DroptheAppeal

Thousands of Harvard community members have signed on to our petition demanding the Harvard administration drop its appeal to the Trump NLRB and hold a new election. Join us for a rally on November 8th at 2pm to deliver this petition. Hear from studentsfacultylabor and legal experts, and community members on why they are asking Harvard to drop the appeal.

Tuesday Nov. 7 is Election Day!

Check out our HGSU-UAW 2017 Voter Guide to the Cambridge and Somerville Municipal Elections and find out where the candidates stand on issues that matter to you: our union rights, affordable housing, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, environmental sustainability, rights of international scholars, and sanctuary campus status. And get out and vote on Tuesday!


An Organizer’s Bio: Why I support my union, HGSU-UAW! 

 Yueran Zhang

My name is Yueran, and I’m a third year PhD student in sociology. I spent all of my life before college in China. I organize for a union because I believe international solidarity is built in the strongest possible way when workers all over the world come together.

I became sensitized to labor rights issues at the age of 17, when the news was broken that twelve workers at a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China committed a spate of suicides within five months. Instances like these taught me why labor rights are so important. As I started to follow stories of labor struggles in China and beyond, I soon realized that the biggest improvements in labor rights are always won by workers coming together and fighting tooth and nail.

Unions are where workers all over the world come together to fight. Unions are where we build ties that transcend borders. Our local struggle for the right to a union is part of a global struggle for workers’ power.

Click here to set up a meeting with an organizer.

Labor in the News 

  • Graduate students at the University of Chicago voted October 17-18 to unionize 1,103-479, after 10 years of organizing 
  • The Union Option: Why “collective action is the best avenue to fight sexual harassers like Harvey Weinstein.”
  • Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement for colluding to deny his employment rights.