Mark your calendars! After Harvard’s appeal to the Trump controlled NLRB, even they agree that we deserve a fair union election with an accurate list. We will now have the opportunity to make the important decision: Should we have a democratic choice in the decisions that affect us most? If you think “YES”, please join us is showing our support here.

Students across Harvard, like Justin, Evvie, Anselm, Ignacio, are thrilled to vote “YES” in our upcoming election.

Tell us why you are excited to vote #unionYES on Facebook or Twitter and tag us at @hgsuuaw to show your support!


“For generations, graduate students have done hard work that keeps universities running. It’s past time for them to be treated with respect and past time for them to have their own elected representation in the decisions that affect their lives,” Warren wrote in an emailed statement to The Crimson Friday. “Grad students are organizing and I stand with them.”

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On Wednesday, we hosted the first meeting of the International Scholars Working Group. It was exciting to see international students and allies from across Harvard coming together to make our campus a more supportive space for all. The Working Group will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm in William James Hall 601. Please join to support our new and ongoing work to support our international and immigrant students.


The Trump administration continues to threaten the safety and stability of immigrant families in our midst. We continue to work with a broad coalition of student and labor groups to pressure the Harvard administration to release a statement supporting workers on TPS at Harvard. We have also updated our information flyers here. Get in touch if you’d like to organize to support students and workers right here at Harvard.

Upcoming Events


Join us next Saturday for a discussion with UAW Local 4123 President and international student, Sandip Roy, on how unionization benefits international students on their campuses and provides a way to elevate their voices on national issues such as immigration, funding and taxes. UAW Local 4123 represents over 9,000 student workers across the California State University System. Please RSVP here.


Over the last few weeks, 40 new people have committed to organize to win our union and are making sure they have the tools and knowledge to talk to their friends and colleagues about why they should vote Yes. We have more trainings coming next week — please RSVP here to join our team!

An Organizers Bio: Why I support my union, HGSU-UAW!

Ben Green

Hi! I’m Ben, a 4th year PhD student in Applied Mathematics. I study the social impacts of data and algorithms—specifically the potential risks and benefits of using machine learning algorithms to make decisions with city governments and the criminal justice system. This involves working across many disciplines, through which I have gotten to know graduate students across Harvard. 

I started organizing because I’ve seen how grad students in the sciences would benefit from a union. Because students work directly under an advisor, their status and progress are particularly dictated by a single person. While most students have great relationships with their advisors (myself included!) some have received poor mentorship or been dropped from funding with little notice, forcing them to take on an unreasonable teaching burden or leave school. This is especially troublesome for the many international grad students in the sciences. By bargaining for the rights of graduate students, a union could help young scientists at Harvard learn in a more stable environment. 

I keep organizing for several reasons. Most importantly, a union would help to ensure some stability for grad students. Recent national politics—especially the proposed tax on tuition waivers—highlight just how precarious graduate school can be. Without a union, if that tax had passed, grad students would have no power to push Harvard to mitigate the damage for us. A union would ensure that we get a seat at the table at trying times. I also organize because it is fun. While a PhD is often a solitary experience, the union provides me with an opportunity to spend time with my peers, both in my department and others, and to build something together.

Labor in the News

UNITE HERE’s union members are recognized as Time’s 2017 Person of the Year. Read coverage of their organizing wins for sexual harassment protections here

Janus vs ACFSME Case: The Supreme Court will hear a case in February on agency fees, which are fair-share fees that workers represented by unions must pay in non-Right to Work states. These fees, as argued by economists and labor lawyers, ensure that workers do not free-ride in the union provision of public goods in the workplace. Read a summary of this argument here.

The journalists of the Los Angeles Times voted overwhelmingly to form a union
, 248 yes to 44 no, in January. Read more about their historic win here.
Vox Media, a digital publishing company, has agreed to voluntarily recognize and bargain with its newly organized labor union. Read more here.

In solidarity,

The HGSU-UAW Organizing Committee