What is this petition?

Shortly after President Trump issued an Executive Order barring entry of individuals from seven Muslim-dominant countries, international scholars and allies came together out of concern for the impact of this order and formed the International Scholars Working Group (ISWG) as part of the Harvard Graduate Student Union-UAW (HGSU-UAW). Since our first meeting, we have met weekly to coordinate advocacy and supportive programming for the needs of our international community members. Using the HGSU’s existing network across Harvard, the ISWG surveyed affected scholars across the university for the additional support they would need to continue their research and to retain their ability to stay at Harvard. This petition is the culmination of many conversations and lists ten concrete measures that the university can implement to better support its international community.

Why is this petition necessary?

The immigration-related actions and xenophobic rhetoric of the Trump administration threaten the Harvard community’s ability to thrive. Dating back to the first universities in Europe, academic freedom has been grounded in the ability of scholars to move freely and live with dignity, regardless of national borders.[*] Harvard has roughly 10,000 international scholars, including undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members. This figure does not include the many other members of our community who comprise our staff, many of whom are in sectors that are majority-immigrant. The original concerns of movement and our academic freedom hold today: our international scholars rely on the ability to cross national borders to conduct field-based research, travel for conferences and job interviews, and visit family and friends. With the direct threats of entry restrictions and the general rise in profiling of and violence toward certain groups, the international and immigrant community faces particular challenges that require a robust response from our institution.

While we applaud Harvard’s decision to join other institutions of higher education in filing an amicus brief challenging this order, we believe that the university should do more to concretely protect the integrity of its community. Current available resources such as the Harvard International Office (HIO) and the Global Support Services (GSS) Travel Registry and Assist programs, which have long been important resources for traveling students, are nevertheless wholly inadequate given current circumstances. For example, if a Harvard affiliate is detained at the border, they are recommended by the HIO to contact the GSS. Despite being available at all hours, the GSS is neither equipped with legal counsel and nor prepared to work with immigration and visa-related issues. In this situation, the GSS would attempt to contact the HIO, which maintains normal business hours. This may result in the affiliate being stranded at the airport or, at worst, facing immediate deportation.

Peer institutions (e.g. MIT, Caltech, and Rice University) have instituted special services and protocols that both provide assurance in spite of the uncertainty and address emergency situations such as detention at border areas. Both Rice University and MIT have instructed affiliates to call their respective university police force, which then redirects to a dean who is available at all hours. MIT has been providing transparent and immediate communication, sometimes days in advance of legislation.

We are inspired by these stronger institutional responses and deeply troubled by the urgency of the needs expressed by Harvard’s international community members. We believe that this petition communicates and educates our broader community of these gaps in support — many international community members have expressed fear of speaking up — and it opens an important conversation with President Faust about ways to better support our community, in this time of great uncertainty.

Call to action:

We encourage all Harvard affiliates (students, staff, faculty, and alumni) to sign this petition and show solidarity with the international and immigrant community. We also welcome co-sponsorship on the petition by interested campus groups, and we encourage these groups to circulate the petition to their membership for individual signatories. Please contact us at hgsu.general@gmail.com if you are interested in co-sponsorship, have any questions about these efforts, or would like to join our working group.

We delivered this petition to President Faust’s Office on February 21st, 2017 with over 600 signatures. On March 15th, we received an official response, but it is not enough. Harvard can do more. We will be delivering the petition again when we reach 1,000 signatures, as a demonstration that pressure is mounting and that the community is adamant to see definitive action.

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graduate students, post-docs, and predocs

undergraduate students

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Co-sponsoring organizations:

Divest Harvard
Harvard Anti-Islamophobia Network
Harvard Asian-American Women Association
Harvard Iranian Student Association
Student Labor Action Movement

Public signatories:
Andrea DelgadoAlumHarvard CollegeRomance Languages & Literatures
Martin SinghAlum
Samuel HalpertAlumHarvard CollegeHistory & Literature
Sushmita MekaAlumHKSHKS
Janaki SternAlumHarvard College and Graduate School of Design
Arpana PandeyAlumHKSPublic Policy
Jacob SternAlumGSDUrban Planning
Andrew ReovanAlumGSDUrban Planning (2011)
MaryRose MazzolaAlumHKSMPP
Intiya Isaza-FigueroaAlumHarvard College
Parker ZangoeiAlumHLS
Samik AdhikariAlumHKS
Pio SzamelAlumCollege, HLS
Osman SiddiqiAlumHKSMPAID
Upasana KhadkaAlumHKSMPAID
Hogan PaschalAlumHarvard CollegePsychology
Arthur BauerAlumHKSMPA-ID
Surili ShethAlumHKS
Diana OrtizAlumHKSMPAID
Boban PaulAlumHKSMPAID
Abderhman AbuhashemAlumCollegeStem Cells and Regenerative Biology
Heather PickerellAlumHarvard College
Marium KhawajaAlumHLS
Jon BarfieldAlumCollege and HBS
Kshitij BatraAlumHKS
Hassaan ShahawyAlumCollegeHistory
Hasan KorreAlumHarvard College
Trevor StarkAlumGSASHistory of Art and Architecture
Su GaoAlumHarvard CollegeEarth and Planetary Sciences
Nathaniel HoytAlumHESSEM
Frances MaherAlumCollege'64
Andrea PetersenAlumcollegeHistory and Literature
Kris CoxAlumHKS'12
Judith NorsigianAlumRadcliffe'70
Wendy C SanfordAlumRadcliffe 67, HDS 80
Polly F AttwoodAlumHGSE/HDSEducation
Richard PaisnerAlumHarvard College'70 and Law School'74
Michael GeorgeAlumHarvard College
Emily MyersAlumHKSMPAID
Ying SunAlumCollege'06
Michele ZiniAlumHKS
Musa KpakaAlumHKS
Shana CaroAlumCollege'11HEB
Jane BaldwinAlumHarvard CollegeEarth and Planetary Science
Philip KreycikAlumHarvard CollegeEPS
Chris TillyAlumHarvard College '76 /Professor of Urban Planning, UCLABiochemistry
Elliott Prasse-FreemanAlumCollege '03/HKS '11Social Studies / MPA-ID
Laura DaleAlumCollege'10
Nicolai SchwarzkopfAlumCollege
Dalia Al KadiAlumHKSMPAID
Julia LivingstonAlumCollege'70 and Law School'77
Elizabeth GilmoreAlumCollege '79
Carol PotterAlumRadcliffe '70Social Relations
Kathleen Moreno DorkinAlumcollege'70, RI, HGSE'89
Barbara GaleAlumRadcliffe College'70
Daniel Gale-RosenAlumHarvard College'10History of Science
Kelly PerronAlumHarvard College'11History of Art and Architecture
Murray DewartAlumHarvard College
Colleen Gaines ClarkAlumRadcliffe College '64Maternal and Child Health and Statistical Analysis and Data Center, employee
Bonnie HershbergAlumHKSNational Security
Al-Johara Al-ThaniAlumHarvard Divinity School
Sana SyedAlumHSPHPublic Health
Carol MunroeAlumRadcliffe College'70
Hannah PittAlumHKS
Yuanjian Carla LiAlumHarvard College
Will CongAlumHarvard CollegePhysics and Math
Sonam VelaniAlumHarvard College '09
Joy XiAlumHarvard CollegeEconomics
Sam AsherAlumGSASEconomics
Gordon FellmanAlumGSASThen called Social Relations
Victor WallisAlumHarvard College '59
Deirdre Corcoran StamAlumRadcliffe '62
Pooja WaghAlumHKS
Philip GersteinAlumFAS
Henri BourneufAlumHarvard College '69
Sujay KakarmathAlumHSPHGHP
Antonio J. Arraiza RiveraAlumGSASRLL
Spencer BeswickCommunity Supporter
Kalila Jackson-SpiekerCommunity SupporterPhD student partner
Alex MirelesCommunity SupporterSimmons College
Spencer ArrittCommunity Supporter
Virginie GreeneFacultyFASRomance Languages and Literatures
Azucena López CoboFacultyFASRLL
René CarrascoFacultyH&L
Michele MartinezFacultyDCEWriting Program
Julie-Aurore LosmanFacultyHarvard Medical SchoolMD, PhD, DFCI
Timothy Patrick McCarthyFacultyHKS/HGSE/FASCarr Center for Human Rights Policy
Eric ChivianFacultyFASOrganismic and Evolutionary Biology
Sidney ChalhoubFacultyFASHistory
María Luisa ParraFacultyFASRLL
Graham BishaiFacultyHarvard CollegeSocial Studies
Carolina Melgarejo TorresFacultyGSASRLL
Sergio DelgadoFacultyFASRLL
Maggie DohertyFacultyFASHistory and Literature, Harvard College Writing Program
Viviane GontijoFacultyFASRomance Languages and Literatures
Maria DascaFacultyFAS
Doris SommerFacultyFASRLL and AAAS
Richard ThomasFacultyFASClassics
Alice JardineFacultyFASRLL and WGS
Annabel KimFacultyFASRomance Languages and Literatures
Nancy KriegerFacultyHSPHSocial and Behavioral Sciences (SBS)
Mariano SiskindFacultyFASRLL, Comp Lit
Elvira G. Di FabioFacultyFASROM LGS & LTS
Robin BernsteinFacultyFASAAAS and WGS
Alison JohnsonFacultyFASHistory
Caroline LightFacultyFASWGS
Linda SchlossbergFacultyFASWGS
Paul AdlerFacultyFASHistory and Literature
Glenda CarpioFacultyFASEnglish and African and African American Studies
Francis X Clooney, SJFacultyDivinity School
Christoph LangeFacultyHSPHBiostat
Joungmok LeeFacultyFAS
Mary LewisFacultyFASHistory
Deidre LynchFacultyFASEnglish
Dennis GaitsgoryFacultyFASMathematics
Justine LandauFacultyGSASNear Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Adriana GutierrezFacultyFASRLL
Laura SolanoFacultyGSDLandscape Architecture
Naomi WeissFacultyHarvard UniversityClassics
Peter MachinistFacultyFAS and Harvard Divinity SchoolNear Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Richard ParkerFacultyHKSShorenstein Center
Eric RentschlerFacultyFASGermanic Languages and Literatures
Catherine Z. ElginFacultyHGSE
Goodarz DanaeiFacultyHSPHGlobal Health and Population
Samuel GershmanFacultyFASDepartment of Psychology
Emily I. DolanFacultyFAS
Lorgia Garcia PenaFacultyFASRomance Languages and Literature
Richard PeiserFacultyGSDReal Estate Development
Ieva JusionyteFacultyGSASAnthropology
John Womack Jr.FacultyFASHistory
Rita GoldbergFacultyFASComparative Literature
Soroush SaghafianFaculty
Corwin ZiglerFacultyHSPHBiostatistics
Leah PriceFacultyFASEnglish
Gretchen Brion-MeiselsFacultyHGSE
Kirsten DavisonFacultyHSPHNutrition and Social and Behavioral Sciences
Joyce E. ChaplinFacultyFASHistory
Michael BronskiFacultyFASWGS
Kornelia PolyakFacultyDana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical SchoolMedical Oncology/Medicine
Andrew GordonFacultyFASHistory
Sophia RoosthFacultyFASHistory of Science
Richard MoranFacultyFASPhilosophy
Farshid MoussaviFacultyGSDArchitecture
Amanda ClaybaughFacultyFASEnglish
Everton Vargas da CostaFacultyFASRLL
Robin WordsworthFacultySEAS/FASESE/EPS
Jason BeckfieldFacultyFASSociology
Flaminia CatterucciaFacultyHarvard TH Chan School of Public HealthImmunology and Infectious Diseases
Francesco ErspamerFacultyFASRomance Languages and Literatures
Caroline D. LaurentFacultyGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Stephen ElledgeFacultyHMS, Brigham and Women's HospitalGenetics
Cassandra OkechukwuFacultyHCSPHSBS
Abigail WeilGraduate StudentGSASSlavic
Francesca BelleiGraduate StudentGSASComparative Literature
Krishna DasarathaGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Sam KlugGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Ellora DerenoncourtGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Sanford DiehlGraduate StudentGSASPhilosophy
Andrew PopeGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Iman MohamedGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Subodhana WijeyeratneGraduate StudentFASHistory
Georgia HenleyGraduate StudentGSASCeltic
Beatriz Botero ArcilaGraduate StudentHLS
Abigail ModaffGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Georgia WhitakerGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Chloe BordewichGraduate StudentGSASHistory & Middle Eastern Studies
Valentina Montoya RobledoGraduate StudentHLSLaw
Avery DavisGraduate StudentGSAS/HMSBiological and Biomedical Sciences/Genetics
John GeeGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Rodrigo del RioGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Juliette CalvarinGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Art and Architecture
Aaron BekemeyerGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Caley Chalres SmithGraduate StudentGSASSouth Asian Studies
Chris WheelahanGraduate StudentHSPHDrPH
Lavinia MitroiGraduate StudentHSPHDrPH
Rephael SternGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Vanessa BrizuelaGraduate StudentHSPHDrPH
Christene FairGraduate StudentHESFAS
Rachel Combs-GonzalezGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Emma JohnsonGraduate StudentHGSE
Samantha PayneGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Sezen UnluonenGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Lisa HaushoferGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Science
Yukako OtoriGraduate Student
Eliza HolmesGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Peter PellizzariGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Christine BohneGraduate StudentHSPHDrPH
Nathan WilmersGraduate StudentGSASSociology
Jack NicoludisGraduate StudentHarvardChemistry
Siobhan Greatorex-VoithGraduate StudentGSASSociology
Christine MitchellGraduate StudentHSPH
David PorterGraduate StudentGSASEALC
Gregory DarwinGraduate StudentGSASCeltic Languages and Literatures
Marcella HayesGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Elizabeth MishkinGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Nicolas SawayaGraduate StudentGSASChemical Physics
Gabriel TourekGraduate StudentHKSPublic Policy
Max BoersmaGraduate Student
Erin BlockGraduate StudentHGSE
Sarah Kennedy BatesGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Erica leeGraduate StudentBerkeleyHistory
Gili KligerGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Alexis TurnerGraduate StudentGSASDepartment of the History of Science
Samantha BurnGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Ethan BalgleyGraduate StudentGSAS, HMSAnthropology
Elorm AvakameGraduate Student
Jean BiniekGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Betsy RibbleGraduate StudentHKS
Amanda KreiderGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy PhD Program
Laura TaronasGraduate StudentGSASNELC
Alex Mierke-ZatwarnickiGraduate StudentGSASGovernment
Helen ZhangGraduate StudentGSASGovernment
Jieun ChoiGraduate StudentFASAstronomy
Patricia ManosGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Art and Architecture
Caroline KelleyGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Ignat KalinovGraduate StudentGSASGovernment
Nazmim BhuiyaGraduate StudentHSPHN/A
Shoshanna LevineGraduate StudentHsphDrPH
Zach WehrweinGraduate StudentGSASSociology
Andrew LeberGraduate StudentHarvard UniversityGovernment
Elise WilkesGraduate StudentGSASEarth and Planetary Sciences
Thalia PortenyGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
David IfkovitsGraduate StudentGSASGovernment
Emma SandoeGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Kelly BrignacGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Chris CarothersGraduate StudentGSASGov
Gabriella AlvarezGraduate StudentAstrophysics
Ryan LoomisGraduate StudentGSASAstronomy
Jenny HsiGraduate StudentHSPH
Lehman GarrisonGraduate StudentHarvardAstronomy
Rosi GreenbergGraduate StudentHKS
Sandy YuanGraduate StudentGSASAstronomy
Alexandra McDowellGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Jonathon BoothGraduate StudentHLS
Ioana ZelkoGraduate StudentGSASAstronomy and Astrophysics
Aden KnaapGraduate Student
Rachel LevensonGraduate StudentHKSMPAID
Abhinav ReddyGraduate StudentHSPHBiostatistics and Epidemiology
Sarah SurrainGraduate StudentGSAS and HGSEEducation
Juanita BecerraGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Science
Arielle BernhardtGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Andrei CiupanGraduate StudentHarvardEconomics
Sebastian LeapeGraduate StudentHKS
Abraham WaldmanGraduate StudentGSASCCB
Alina XuGraduate StudentHKS
Jared AbbottGraduate StudentGSASGovernment
Yizhou JinGraduate StudentGSAS/HBSEconomics
Sarah BruhnGraduate StudentHGSE/GSASEducation
Samuel MoyGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Moya ChinGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Jonathan RothGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Roozbeh JabbarizadehGraduate StudentHLS
Siddharth GeorgeGraduate StudentEconomics
Chenzi XuGraduate Student
Valentin BolotnyyGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Amin FeizpourGraduate StudentBoston UniversityChemistry
Lisa XuGraduate StudentHKSPublic Policy
Samuel LiteGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Namita ModyGraduate StudentHKS
Ian MacCormackGraduate StudentGSASReligion
Joan ChakerGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Thuy-Lan LiteGraduate StudentHarvard Medical SchoolHealth Sciences & Technology (HST)
Cary Aileen Garcia YeroGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Elijah de la CampaGraduate StudentGSASPublic Policy
Jonathan TebesGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Ruodi DuanGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Carly YingstGraduate StudentFASEnglish
Tess mcnultyGraduate StudentGsasEnglish
Chris SwithinbankGraduate StudentGSASMusic
Michelle TaylorGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Eric DunipaceGraduate StudentGSAS/HSPHBiostatistics
Danielle PooleGraduate StudentHSPHGHP
Matthew SchantzGraduate StudentGSASSlavic
Olga BreiningerGraduate Student
Isabel Duarte-GrayGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Amanda AuerbachGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
May BunsuphaGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Santiago Pulido GomezGraduate StudentHKSMPP
Chloe CottonGraduate StudentHKSMpp
Christine KohGraduate StudentHKsMPP
Anna KelnerGraduate Student
Peter LyuGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Lee Kennedy-ShafferGraduate StudentGSAS/HSPHBiostatistics
Wentao XiongGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Adrianna McIntyreGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Lucky NurrahmatGraduate StudentHKSMPA
Emily KannerGraduate StudentGSASSlavic Languages and Literatures
Oren DanieliGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Tzachi RazGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Joshua AbelGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Ashley CraigGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Kacey CarterGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Natalie RamirezGraduate StudentGSAS
Rebecca KastlemanGraduate Student
Dakota McCoyGraduate StudentGSASOEB
Maya GarciaGraduate StudentFASSlavic Languages and Literatures
Tamara PicoGraduate StudentGSASEPS
Kristin OberianoGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Adrienne SabetyGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Ignacio AzcuetaGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Chantanelle NavaGraduate StudentGSASAstronomy
Mahtab SirdaniGraduate StudentHarvard Divinity School
Anna WaldeckGraduate StudentGSASEarth and Planetary Sciences
Ploy AchakulwisutGraduate StudentGSAS
Kunal MangalGraduate StudentHKSPublic Policy
Luigi PatrunoGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Carrie FryGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Alice NdikumanaGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Miari StephensGraduate StudentGSASAAAS
Jason SmithGraduate StudentHarvard Divinity School (HDS)Committee on the Study of Religion
Adrian Garcia MosqueiraGraduate StudentGSASHealth policy
Hannah HorowitzGraduate StudentGSASEPS
Ariella Kahn-LangGraduate StudentHKSPublic Policy, PhD
Sayiddah McCreeGraduate StudentHBS
Ifigenia GonisGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Adrienne RaphelGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
George KarandinosGraduate StudentGSAS/HMSAnthropology
Jacob CohenGraduate StudentGSAS
Priya ShanmugamGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Sergio Correa AsmarGraduate StudentHKS
Elizabeth SpinkGraduate StudentHKSPublic Policy
Andrew LittlejohnGraduate StudentGSASAnthropology
Marco CastanosGraduate StudentHLS
Mac PhilipsGraduate StudentHGSESchool Leadership
Alice XuGraduate StudentGSASGovernment
Salmaan MirzaGraduate StudentGSASHMES
Lucas MuellerGraduate StudentMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyHASTS
Lauren GuiteGraduate StudentHGSESchool Leadership
Daria KovalevaGraduate StudentGSASHistory/CMES
Shradha BiyaniGraduate StudentGSDUrban Planning
Emma HarringtonGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Michael ReherGraduate Student
Katarzyna BalugGraduate StudentGSASArchitecture and Planning
Marie-Therese PngGraduate StudentHGSEMBE
Matthew Leslie SantanaGraduate StudentGSASMusic
Courtney TomaselliGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Art and Architecture
Eleanor GoerssGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Art and Architecture
Sharan MamidipudiiGraduate StudentGSASPublic Policy
Marek PoliksGraduate StudentGSASMusic
Yi LuGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Alexander CowanGraduate StudentGSASMusic
Anna White-NocklebyGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Sara KlingensteinGraduate StudentGSAS
Alicia DeMaioGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Lusia ZaitsevaGraduate StudentGSASComparative Literature
Andreas de BarrosGraduate StudentHGSEHarvard Graduate School of Education
Ania AizmanGraduate StudentGSASComparative Literature
Daniel UtterGraduate StudentGSASOrganismic and Evolutionary Biology
Graham NoblitGraduate StudentGSASHuman Evolutionary Biology
Jess KanwalGraduate StudentGSASNeuroscience
Amy TsangGraduate StudentGSASSociology
Sara ZaiaGraduate Student
Maddy JosephGraduate StudentHLS
Angélica María Sánchez BaronaGraduate StudentGSASAfrican and African American Studies
Emma BertranGraduate StudentGSASEarth and Planetary Sciences
Jonathan MijsGraduate StudentGSASSociology
Zoe JenkinGraduate StudentGSASPhilosophy
Maria VassilevaGraduate StudentGSASSlavic
Niki MurataGraduate Student
Sarah PolitzGraduate StudentGSASMusic
Annie HaakenstadGraduate StudentHSPHGHP
Renugan RaidooGraduate StudentGSASAnthropology
Amanda Lamothe-CadetGraduate StudentHLS
Katherine WuGraduate StudentGSASMicrobiology and Immunobiology
Aaron RamirezGraduate StudentGSDMUP
Volha CharnyshGraduate StudentGSASGovernment
Scott RiceGraduate StudentHDSTheology
Ilkim KarakusGraduate StudentGSASanthropology
Denisse DelgadoGraduate StudentGSASAfrican and African American Studies
Gladys AguilarGraduate StudentGSAS/HGSE
Min YaGraduate StudentGSASOEB
Ranjavati BanerjiGraduate StudentHKS
Byron DaviesGraduate StudentGSASPhilosophy
Somayeh ChitchianGraduate Student
Wythe MarschallGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Science
Eric StephenGraduate StudentGSASReligion
Jesse Andrew RakoskeGraduate StudentGSASHISTORY
Heng DuGraduate StudentGSASEALC
Alice DuesdiekerGraduate StudentGSAS
J. Cai GillisGraduate StudentHSPHEpidemiology
Tim BarkerGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Simon SunGraduate StudentGSASAmerican Studies
Jason H RosenbergGraduate Student
Debmalya MandalGraduate StudentSEASComputer Science
Dylan SuherGraduate StudentGSASEALC
Narendra JoshiGraduate StudentGSASProgram in Neuroscience
Caitlin DanielGraduate StudentGSASSociology
Sarah LoomisGraduate StudentGSASAnthropology
Catherine TsaiGraduate StudentHarvard UniversityEast Asian Languages and Civilizations
Floris van SwetGraduate StudentGSAS
Leo BlondelGraduate StudentGSASMCO
Jovonna JonesGraduate StudentGSASAfrican & African American Studies
Rebecca VictorGraduate StudentGSASRSEA
Andrew PaikGraduate StudentHLS
Jennifer MiddletonGraduate StudentGSAS
Jessica BardsleyGraduate StudentGSASFilm and Visual Studies
Feiby NassanGraduate StudentHSPHEnvironmental Health
Alexis BaderGraduate StudentGSASReligion
Shanasia SylmanGraduate StudentGSDUrban Planning and Design
Marc KaufmannGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Aaron Brennen BenavidezGraduate StudentGSASSociology
Samuel EwingGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Art and Architecture
Ashley LeeGraduate Student
Shanghuo LiGraduate StudentHarvard UniversityCFA
Alix WinterGraduate Student
Milo JohnsonGraduate StudentGSASOEB
Meghan ZacherGraduate Student
Daniel GreenGraduate StudentGSASSlavic Languages and Literatures
Amol AggarwalGraduate StudentGSASMathematics
Joshua FreemanGraduate Student
Jernej TurnsekGraduate StudentGSASSystems Biology
Robert ManducaGraduate StudentGSASSociology
Julia SturmGraduate StudentGSAS
Manuel Azuaje-AlamoGraduate StudentGSASComparative Literature
Liliana HerreraGraduate StudentGSAS
Nicolas RothGraduate StudentGSASSouth Asian Studies
Ali HamandiGraduate StudentGSAS
Monica ParkGraduate StudentGSAS
Stephanie ProbstGraduate StudentGSAS
Grace EdgarGraduate StudentGSAS
Eli NelsonGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Science
Sam PurdyGraduate StudentHGSESchool Leadership Program
Selma GicevicGraduate StudentHSPH
Kwan W. KimGraduate Student
Mathilda ReganGraduate StudentGSASPHS
Alex LambrowGraduate StudentGSAS
Julia G CosgroveGraduate StudentGSASOEB
Trent BarnesGraduate StudentGSASHAA
Greg GivenGraduate StudentGSASReligion
Leslie FingerGraduate StudentGSAS
Jose A. De LeonGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Brielle BryanGraduate StudentGSASSocial Policy
Maria LacayoGraduate StudentHLS
Madeline WilliamsGraduate Student
Anthony Otey HernandezGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages & Literatures
Cristina GarcíaGraduate StudentGSAS
Caleb WeinrebGraduate StudentHMSSystems Biology
Gabriela PomaGraduate StudentFASRLL
Shireen HamzaGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Science
Vinay NagarajuGraduate StudentHKS
Anya YermakovaGraduate Student
Maiara KnihsGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Belle ChevesGraduate StudentGSAS HMES
Avanti AdhiaGraduate StudentHSPHSocial & Behavioral Sciences
Monica KrieteGraduate StudentHSPHSocial and Behavioral Sciences
Jack WillisGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Kira SargentGraduate StudentGSDLandscape Architecture
Marisa MandabachGraduate StudentGSASHAA
Matthew SohmGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Emeka AgudileGraduate StudentHSPHSBS
Ellis ReidGraduate StudentGSASEducation
Jim MoffetGraduate StudentGSDMdes
Javier MasisGraduate StudentGSASMCB
Ashawari ChaudhuriGraduate StudentMIT/HASTS ProgramSTS
Martha TamezGraduate StudentHSPHNutrition
Alex AlbrightGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Nicole InostrozaGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Yasmine Flodin-AliGraduate StudentHarvard Divinity School
Margaret TroyerGraduate StudentHGSE
Meghan ByrneGraduate StudentHGSE
Hayat AhmedGraduate StudentHSPHGHP
Amelia LinskyGraduate StudentGSASRLL
He YangGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Charlotte LloydGraduate StudentGSASSociology
Chit Yan Paul MokGraduate StudentGSDArchitecture
Pei Pei LiuGraduate StudentHGSE
Carleigh BeriontGraduate StudentGSASReligion
Yahya ChaudhryGraduate Student
Jill HahnGraduate StudentHSPHSBS
Shayla SalzmanGraduate StudentGSASOEB
Rachel LevineGraduate StudentHGSEL&T
Stuart IlerGraduate StudentHKS
Lucy BallardGraduate StudentGSASStudy of Religion
Lindsay BrineGraduate StudentHGSE
Erica WeaverGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Haruka Umetsu ChoGraduate StudentGSASReligion
Sohini MukherjeeGraduate StudentHSPH
Kate HartmannGraduate StudentGSASReligion
Jacob GableGraduate StudentGSASOEB
Kendra Johnson-TeschGraduate StudentHGSEEducation
Jimmy BiblarzGraduate StudentGSASSociology & Social Policy
Etha WilliamsGraduate StudentGSASMusic
Frederick ReeceGraduate StudentGSASMusic
Mitha NandagopalanGraduate StudentHLS
Kaci McClureGraduate StudentHGSEL&L
Christian StruckGraduate StudentGSAS
James AlmeidaGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Sylvie WongGraduate StudentHGSEHuman Development and Psychology
Jaquelyn JahnGraduate StudentGSAS, HSPHSocial and Behavioral Sciences
Ambika KamathGraduate Student
Axel Marc Oaks TakacsGraduate StudentHDSCommittee on the Study of Religion
Jacob FayGraduate StudentHGSE
Maria GattiGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Naureen MazumdarGraduate StudentGSDArchitecture
Jennifer KaoGraduate StudentHarvard UniversityPublic Policy
Justin BloeschGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Abby PlummerGraduate StudentGSAS
Michal HassonGraduate StudentGSAS
Hannah RiggGraduate Student
Fernando YuGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
María Gómez LaraGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Ashley MorseGraduate Student
Sarah DeiblerGraduate StudentHLSLaw
Alex Bigger-AllenGraduate StudentGSAS
Kyrah DanielsGraduate StudentGSASAfrican & African American Studies
Christopher FaesiGraduate StudentGSASAstronomy
Liu JiangGraduate Student
Tomasz BlusiewiczGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Andrew BlockGraduate StudentGSASAmerican Studies
Efe Murat BalıkçıoğluGraduate StudentHarvard UniversityHistory & CMES
Sarah BalakrishnanGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Tsitsi MangoshoGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Erin HutchinsonGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Ben GoossenGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Nicholas PaskertGraduate StudentGSAS
Jonas RueggGraduate StudentGSASEALC
Adam FrostGraduate Student
Ian KumekawaGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Andrew BellisariGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Devin KennedyGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Science
Liat SpiroGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Daniel ChardellGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Kirk McleodGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Christine MulhernGraduate StudentGSAS
Jacob AnbinderGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Emma RosenfeldGraduate StudentGSAS
Erica SterlingGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Elizabeth WeckhurstGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Adria BoyntonGraduate StudentGSDDesign Studies
Shahra ShahvandGraduate StudentGSASNELC
Gabriella ChavezGraduate StudentHarvard Divinity School
Nancy KhalilGraduate StudentGSASAnthropology
Ben MaysGraduate StudentHKS
Zachary NowakGraduate StudentGSASAmerican Studies
Catherine PetersGraduate StudentGSASAmerican Studies
Alexa RahmanGraduate StudentHBS
Stefan DimitriadisGraduate StudentHBSOrganizational Behavior
Wei CaiGraduate StudentHBS
Jaewon YoonGraduate StudentHBSOrganizational Behavior
Ja Young ChoiGraduate StudentGSASSHBT
Santiago AmadorGraduate StudentHks
Iris YellumGraduate Student
Channing SpencerGraduate StudentHBS/GSASOrganizational Behavior & Sociology
Gernot WaldnerGraduate StudentGSASGermanic Languages and Literatures
Frina LinGraduate StudentHKS/GSASPublic Policy PhD
Mehak MalikGraduate StudentHKSMPP
Hannah WeaverGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Madeleine WolfGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Emma Zitzow-ChildsGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Christofer RodeloGraduate StudentGSASAmerican Studies
Olivia CarpenterGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Allison PuglisiGraduate StudentGSASAmerican Studies
Sa-kiera HudsonGraduate StudentGSASPsychology
Luis F. López GonzálezGraduate StudentRLLSpanish Department
Ernest HartwellGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Emily EppersonGraduate Student
Matthew BarfieldGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Kylie SagoGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Radhika JainGraduate StudentHSPH
Ehsan HajiesmailiGraduate StudentGSASSEAS
Alberto Castillo VenturaGraduate StudentGSAS
Amy FishGraduate StudentGSASAmerican Studies
Jennifer Kay AustiffGraduate StudentGSASOEB
Bahij TamerGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Gwendolyn CollacoGraduate StudentGSASHAA-MES
Jess NewmanGraduate StudentHKS
Sina HocheGraduate StudentGSAS
Monica FaridGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Joe McIntyreGraduate StudentHGSE
Rachael LeeGraduate StudentGSASComparative Literature
Raphael KoenigGraduate StudentGSASComparative Literature
Aayush KhadkaGraduate StudentHSPH
Jacob MeisterGraduate StudentGSASComparative Literature
Aditya MenonGraduate StudentGSASComparative Literature
Laura Correa OchoaGraduate StudentGSAS
Nicholas T RinehartGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Eben LazarusGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Scott CollierGraduate StudentPhysics
Cristina GroegerGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Saumya ChatrathGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Andrew DonnellyGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Felix OwusuGraduate StudentGSASPublic Policy
Helen HoGraduate StudentGSASPublic Policy
Niharika SinghGraduate StudentGSASPublic Policy
Ella AntellGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Rudi BatzellGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Farhad DokhaniGraduate StudentGSAS
Marena LinGraduate StudentCollege '11/GSASEPS
Ian MacCormackGraduate StudentReligion
Lauren RussellGraduate StudentGSASPublic Policy
Abigail NiebuhrGraduate StudentGSASAAAS
Melanie BaskindGraduate StudentHMS
Chiara TrebaiocchiGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Tuo LiuGraduate StudentGSASRLL
Emma Zitzow-ChildsGraduate StudentGSASRomance Languages and Literatures
Hardeep DhillonGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Alexander SchwennickeGraduate StudentGSAS
Edward KimGraduate StudentHGSEEPPE
Golnaz MoradGraduate StudentGSASBiological Sciences in Dental Medicine
Miriam KamilGraduate StudentClassics
Thomas JamisonGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Beryl CummingsGraduate StudentHMSBiological and Biomedical sciences
Reed KnappeGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Samantha BlankenshipGraduate StudentGSASThe Classics
Steph GuerraGraduate StudentGSASBBS
XinX XiangGraduate StudentHGSEEducation
Massimo CèGraduate StudentGSASThe Classics
Suzanne PaszkowskiGraduate StudentGSASClassics
Perrine MarcenacGraduate Student
Jocelyn FuentesGraduate StudentGSASEPS
Shukri GeleGraduate Student
Vinh NguyenGraduate Student
Martín ArboledaPost-docGSDUrban Planning and Design
Bradford SniosPost-doc
Anna PancoastPost-docHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Nagissa MahmoudiPost-docFASEarth and Planetary Science
Matt NichollPost-docCfA
James GuillochonPost-docHarvardAstronomy
Joel LejaPost-docCfA
Giuseppe TorriPost-doc
Aude PicardPost-docDepartment of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Jabran ZahidPost-doc
Jenan KharbushPost-docEPS
Fata SedaghatpourPost-docFASEPS
Neha SarodePost-docOEB
Laura PerezPost-docFASPhilosophy
Mikael BacklundPost-docFASPhysics
Kathryn SchwartzPost-doc
Sarah AxelrodPost-docFASRLL
Laura KreidbergPost-docAstronomy
Arpiar SaundersPost-docHMSGenetics
Ben Ewen-CampenPost-docHMSGenetics
Natalia GutkowskiPost-docFASAnthropology
Jun YangPredocHarvard-Smithsonian CfA
Penny QianPredocSAO
Kathleen CohenStaffFASDavis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies
David DanceStaffFASPhillips Brooks House
Pedro AparicioStaffGSDLANDSCAPE
Caroline FayStaffHBSDigital Initiative
Denise CollinsStaffHBSHealthcare Initiative
Frank SutterStaffHBSHealth Care Initiative
Lynn ShireyStaffFASLibrary
Richard LesageStaffFASHarvard College Library
Sarah Figge HussainStaffHBSInitiatives
Jesse LeavittStaffFASPhillips Brooks House
Tiffany ChanStaffSEAS
Eugenio LanzasStaffFASRLL
Charlotte TuminelliStaffHGSE & HKS
David WuStaffHarvard Extension School
Katharine RandelStaffHBSDoctoral Programs
Genevieve ClutarioStaffHistory and History & Literature
Johanna Damgaard LianderStaffFASRLL
Mary VioletteStaffFASCeltic Dept
Ramona IslamStaffFASLibrary
Susan GilroyStaffFASHarvard College Library
Dorothy BarrStaffFASErnst Mayr Library - Museum of Comparative Zoology
John TrumpbourStaffHLSLabor and Worklife Program
Heather de RiveraStaffHMSGenetics
Daniel A. MartinezUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeCommittee on Degrees in Social Studies
Camilo Correa OchoaUndergraduate StudentUniversity of WaterlooBiology
Joseph HostykUndergraduate Student
Juhwan SeoUndergraduate StudentCollegeSociology & WGS
Sarah FellmanUndergraduate StudentCollege
Gabriel Gold HodgkinUndergraduate StudentCollegeSocial Studies
Josh StallingsUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Avni NaharUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Karl M. AspelundUndergraduate StudentCollege
Kelly ZhangUndergraduate StudentCollegeSCRB
Eleanor BraggUndergraduate Student
Halah AhmadUndergraduate StudentCollegeCommittee on the Study of Religion
Grace EvansUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Kim ArangoUndergraduate StudentCollege
Anwar OmeishUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial Studies
Sam HellerUndergraduate StudentCollegeStatistics
Felipe GarciaUndergraduate StudentCalifornia Polytechnic State University, SLO
Ilian Meza PeñaUndergraduate StudentCollegeHistory and Literature
Laila SmithUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial Studies
Maria BurzilloUndergraduate StudentFAS
Matt GoldbergUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeComputer Science
Noah WagnerUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial Studies
Karely OsorioUndergraduate StudentCollegeFolklore and Mythology
Madhavi NarayananUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeGovernment and South Asian Studies
Ailie KerrUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Connie ChengUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Hannah HessUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeFAS
Harshita GuptaUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Marissa RodriguezUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Jenna GrayUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Hannah LemmonsUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Maryssa BarronUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeAnthropology
Cecilia NunezUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Haeeun Blessing JeeUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSociology
Alisha UkaniUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Theodora MautzUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Amitai AbouzagloUndergraduate StudentCollege
Sofya ShchukinaUndergraduate StudentCollege
Raylin XuUndergraduate Student
Susan WangUndergraduate StudentFASSocial Studies
Itzel Vasquez RodriguezUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSociology
Saim RazaUndergraduate StudentCollege
Elise AlexanderUndergraduate Student
Ezinne NwankwoUndergraduate StudentCollegeSEAS - Applied Math
Saim RazaUndergraduate StudentCollege
Yasmeen FakhroUndergraduate StudentCollege '18
Abdisamad AdanUndergraduate StudentCollege '19
Michael LeonardUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSociology
Leon PanUndergraduate StudentCollegeEnglish
Caitria O'NeillUndergraduate StudentFAS'11Government
Alexis BrownUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Fowsia WarsameUndergraduate StudentCollege
Evan MacKayUndergraduate StudentCollegeStatistics and Sociology
Norah MurphyUndergraduate StudentCollegeEnglish
Caroline GoldfarbUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeHistory of Science
Yesenia JimenezUndergraduate StudentCollege
Kate Swain SmithUndergraduate StudentCollegeGovernment
Abigail BurkeUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial studies
Oliver SughrueUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Jacob MuellerUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial Studies
Clea SchumerUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Natalie CohenUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Amanda GlazerUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Reed Shafer-RayUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial Studies
Allison PiperUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Farris PealeUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial Studies
Ngan NguyenUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Peter Martin PorissUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial Relations
Jessica WilliamsUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeUndeclared
Zoe KibbelaarUndergraduate StudentCollegeHuman Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Melisa SantizoUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Blake McGhghyUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial studies
Aidan ConnaughtonUndergraduate StudentCollege '19
Henry AtkinsUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Cengiz CemalogluUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeAnthropology + Government
Tyler LoveUndergraduate StudentCollege '20
Zuneera ShahUndergraduate StudentCollege
Emily ZofferUndergraduate StudentCollegeRomance Languages & Literatures
Aaisha ShahUndergraduate StudentCollegeHistory
Catherine ZhangUndergraduate StudentCollegePsychology
Atheena ArasooUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Zainub DhananiUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Kirsi Anselmi-StithUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSociology
Elijah Ezeji-OkoyeUndergraduate Student
Esther JeonUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeSocial Studies
Ben WetherfieldUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeApplied Math
Emily SilkGraduate StudentGSASEnglish
Noa CorcoranGraduate StudentGSASAnthropology
Evrard NahimanaGraduate StudentMedical SchoolGlobal Health and Social Medicine
Nicole PulicheneGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Art
Jonathan KnappGraduate StudentGSASVisual and Environmental Studies
Christina ZlogarGraduate StudentGSASLinguistics
Ashley LeeGraduate Student
John V. MurphyCommunity Supporter, former facultyBucknell University
Efe BalikciogluGraduate StudentGSASHistory & CMES
Chris GroegerCommunity Supporter
Margarita Ribas GroegerFacultyMITGlobal Studies and Languages
Jamie LahvicGraduate Student
Marcos FerreiroAlumHarvard Kennedy School
Bruce H. PriceFacultyHMSNeurology
Isa FloresUndergraduate StudentHarvard CollegeHistory and Literature
Camille TraslavinaUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Max LiebeskindUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Pei-ling HuangGraduate StudentGSASMusic
Anna IvanovaGraduate StudentGSASHistory
Nitzan KoppelGraduate StudentGSASChemical Biology
Justin CampbellGraduate StudentGSASMathematics
Youssef Ben IsmailGraduate StudentGSASNear Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Russell W. JenkinsPost-doc
Pamela GhoshFacultyHMS
Ann LaCasceFacultyHMSMedical Oncology
Faiza KhanAffiliate - BWHHarvard Medical School - BWHBWH - Cardiology
Amy EisnerAlumHarvard & RadcliffeEnglish and American Literature & Language
B. MarinGraduate StudentGSASMCB
Raquel Fonseca StaffDFCI
Susan BlockFacultyHMSPsychiatry medicine
Elana UrbachGraduate StudentGSASPhysics
Deepa VasudevanGraduate StudentGSEGraduate School of Education
Thomas S. HughesGraduate Student
M. S. ParkGraduate StudentGSAS
Christopher SweeneyFacultyHarvard Medical SchoolMedicine
Tamar SellaGraduate StudentGSASMusic
Steven LevitskyFaculty
Adrianna McIntyreGraduate StudentGSASHealth Policy
Ron YangGraduate Student
Frances PillsburyGraduate StudentHKS
Anna StansburyGraduate StudentGSASEconomics
Miriam KellerGraduate StudentGSD, HKSUPD, MPP
Alyson LynchStaffFASClassics
Jesse LeavittStaffFASPhillips Brooks House
Frank PinterGraduate StudentGSAS and HBS
Meredyth Winter Graduate StudentGSASMiddle Eastern Studies
Deirdre DeBruyn RubioGraduate StudentFASReligion
Chris ButtimerGraduate StudentGSEGraduate School of Education
Annick BenavidesGraduate StudentGSASHistory of Art and Architecture
Rabiat AkandeGraduate StudentHLSHLS
Amanda MillerGraduate StudentGSD
Alifa PutriGraduate Student
Drew HeckmanGraduate StudentHKSMPP
Ariela AlpertGraduate StudentHKSMPP
Kyle OforiGraduate StudentHKSMPP
Ariela AlpertGraduate StudentKennedyMPP
Charles HermanGraduate StudentKennedyMPP
Miguel de CorralGraduate StudentKennedyMPP
Kevin LeibyGraduate StudentHKSMPA/ID
Haiyang ZhangGraduate StudentHKSMPA/ID
Doris DomingoStaffHKSCID
Andreas MitchellGraduate StudentHKSMPP
Yuna Lee Graduate StudentHKSMPP
Abdi IsmailGraduate StudentHKS
Sonali Singh FacultySOCCommunication
Anna SchwarzGraduate StudentHKS
Thomas HocksGraduate StudentHKS
Jack PeadGraduate StudentHKS
Ismael HernandezGraduate StudentHKS
Kristell MillanGraduate StudentHKS
Ihsaan PatelGraduate StudentHKS
Ivana RachmawatiGraduate StudentHKS
Ibrahim HassenGraduate StudentHKS
Gaew LertsuridejGraduate StudentHKS
Siddharth RamalingamGraduate StudentHKS
Isabelle SunGraduate StudentHKS
Brittany MatthewsGraduate StudentHGSEPSP, Ed. M.
Shubh AgrawalGraduate StudentHGSEPSP, Ed. M.
Ryan DinGraduate StudentHarvard Medical School
Shreyaa KhemkaGraduate StudentHGSESPP
MyTien HuynhGraduate StudentHGSEEPM
Hera ShakilGraduate StudentHGSEHDP
Sam JubaedGraduate StudentHGSEMBE
McKinlee CoveyGraduate StudentHGSEHDP
Raven StubbsGraduate StudentHGSEEPM
Jamie SmithGraduate StudentHGSEEPM
Erica ZidelAlumFAS
Becca SchouriellerGraduate StudentHGSEL&T
Samantha Sencer-MuraGraduate StudentHGSESLP
Nicholas BoatwrightGraduate StudentHGSEL&T
Tom McKenneyGraduate StudentHGSEIEP
Kathryn AndersenGraduate StudentHGSEHDP
Ana RodriguezGraduate StudentHGSEL&T
Julianne CarlsonGraduate StudentHGSESLP
Mac PhillipsGraduate StudentHGSESLP
Sonya KarabelUndergraduate StudentHarvard College
Josephine KimFacultyHGSE, HSDM
Zhaoning WangAlumGSASEconomics
Nazmim BhuiyaGraduate StudentHSPHN/A
Aleks Kudryashova Graduate StudentGSASGerman
Grey WilburnGraduate StudentGSAS
Nyasha WeinbergGraduate StudentHKS
Mushira Aboo DiaGraduate StudentHKS
Sana SaeedGraduate StudentHarvard Divinity School
Samara RosenbaumGraduate StudentHGSEArts In Education
Umar ZaidiGraduate Student
Johnna LoreenGraduate StudentHarvard Divinity SchoolMTS
Michael PerloffGraduate StudentHLS
Jennifer AustiffGraduate StudentGSASOEB
Colin BossenGraduate StudentGSASAmerican Studies
Shawn JainGraduate StudentART Institue
Colton WeissGraduate StudentART Institue

[*]Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa. Authentica habita. 1155.