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Since the Trump administration’s immigration orders, there have been a stream of news reports on instances of aggressive questioning, and searches conducted on foreign citizens entering the US with valid visas and immigration documents. These incidents suggest direct racial profiling, and singling out of individuals based on their travel history – including but often not limited to the seven countries.

At Harvard, more than one third of our graduate students and postdocs, 11% of our undergraduate students, and a significant proportion of our faculty are international scholars, from over 150 countries. Besides, many students and scholars frequently travel outside the US for research or to visit family and friends. Events following the executive order have created an air of anxiety and confusion around traveling abroad, and re-entering the US.

In light of these events, the International Scholar Working Group gathered practical information and legal resources for foreign citizens and international travelers, and organized “Cyber-Security” events. Details are available below.

Cyber-security workshop: 

Workshop 1: Date : Monday, March 27th 6pm-8pm

Location: Longwood, Tosteson Medical Education Center (TMEC), Room 106

Workshop 2: Date: Friday, March 31st 6pm-8pm 

Location: Cambridge, Lamont Forum Room

Developed in cooperation with The Massachusetts Pirate Party, these bring-your-own-laptop, hands-on sessions focused on:

– how to prepare for the eventuality of being asked to surrender your laptop/smartphone/passwords at the border.

– how to express your political opinions freely and use the internet for activism without compromising your security at the border.

For more information on traveling best practices, click on the above image or on this link to download a more detailed pdf.

*One excellent way to satisfy #3 – Documents showing a Harvard Connection – is to have a faculty member write and sign a letter showing your intent for traveling abroad. Click here to view a sample template of such a letter.