Across graduate schools and departments at Harvard University, women, underrepresented minorities, LGBTQ individuals, international students, students with disabilities, and students from working-class backgrounds face a series of unique challenges in the workplace. These challenges include isolation, hostile work environments, a lack of faculty mentors, and inadequate support services for our diverse needs. They influence our ability to thrive as graduate workers and ultimately lead to differential attrition rates for underrepresented groups, otherwise known as the leaky pipeline. The University’s current policies in admissions, hiring, and graduate support have not been enough to address this crisis. Harvard University has a leaky pipeline problem, and an obligation to end it. The Harvard Graduate Student Union’s Civil Rights Committee is bringing together activists from across the Harvard community to tell Harvard to stop the leaky pipeline.

To contact us, email with the subject line “Civil Rights Committee”

Shireen Hamza (History of Science) is voting #UnionYes because issues can arise for the most secure and the most vulnerable among us, and everyone in between. Having a collective voice is essential to addressing these issues. Clint Smith (Education) is voting #UnionYes because he knows that a union will give every graduate worker a seat at the table and allow people of color and other marginalized communities to secure adequate university resources and support. As the son of immigrant workers, Hugo has seen the effects of imbalances of power and the importance of democracy in a workplace. If we are truly going to live up to the ideals of a democratic society, then all workers must have protections from imbalances of power and wealth. That’s why Hugo is voting #UnionYes.
Jean Fan, a 4th year PhD candidate in Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics and creator of, an organization dedicated to helping women in STEM, talks about the “leaky pipeline” and her support for our union, HGSU-UAW   Tina Groeger (History) is voting #UnionYES because a union is one of the most effective tools for fighting racial, gender, and class inequities in the workplace.

Past Events

Stop the leaky pipeline.

On April 1st, graduate workers from across the university joined together to share their experiences as persons from underrepresented backgrounds at the university and to launch a call to action to stop the leaky pipeline at Harvard.

It was featured in an article on the Crimson, read it here if you are interested.

Visa Seminars.

On the evening of March 24, HGSU-UAW welcomed Christine Brigagliano, a partner at Van Der Hout, Brigagliano, and Nightingale, LLP, a renowned firm specializing in immigration and nationality law. She spoke to international students about the issues they face while enrolled in school and what to expect after graduation.

She visited both the Cambridge and Longwood campus, to give people an opportunity to ask questions.

Letters and petitions on Civil and Human Rights Issues

Please see the following petitions and letters in support of civil and human rights issues: