We Condemn Private Universities’ Attempts to Undermine Graduate Workers’ RightsAcademe Blog, 7/10

“The undemocratic behavior at some of our most esteemed institutions of higher learning in the United States is untenable. They have spent millions of dollars in attorney fees fighting a legal battle that is not only unjust, but unreasonable. The freedom to join a union and to negotiate collectively with one’s colleagues for better working conditions and fair compensation is a cornerstone of US labor relations, as outlined in the AAUP’s Statement on Collective Bargaining. Denying the contribution and labor of graduate employees not only demeans the institutions they serve, but undermines the basic values to which these universities are committed.”

NLRB Says Boston College Grad Workers are Employees, Move Union Election Forward, BC Grad Union Website

“The Board rejected the university’s arguments that its employees were exempt from the Act due to Boston College’s religious mission, and recognized the fundamental similarity between the work graduate employees do at B.C. and at other private universities such as Columbia University, whose landmark case restored rights for graduate employees to unionize in 2016.

“We are thrilled about turning to our election, and are looking forward to having a seat at the bargaining table,” said Betsy Pingree, a teaching assistant in the History department and a BCGEU-UAW member.”

Yale Graduate Students Shut Down Streets at CommencementBuzzFeed News, 5/22

“More than a thousand graduate students and their supporters protested outside Yale’s commencement on Monday, with police barricades separating the demonstrators from graduating students and their families.

The protesters criticized Yale administrators for opposing the unionization of its grad students, but cheered on the undergraduates as they arrived for the event.”

Tufts Graduate Students Form Union, Inside Higher Education, 5/19

“Tufts University graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences voted to form a union affiliated with Service Employees International Union, they announced Thursday. Turnout was high, at 82 percent, and the tally was 129 in favor and 84 opposed, with eight challenged ballots. “

Letter from Yale Law FacultyYale Daily News, 5/12

“Tufts University graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences voted to form a union affiliated with Service Employees International Union, they announced Thursday. Turnout was high, at 82 percent, and the tally was 129 in favor and 84 opposed, with eight challenged ballots. “

Two Student Groups File For Unionization, The Chicago Maroon, 5/9

“Two student groups on campus, Graduate Students United (GSU) and the Student Library Employees Union (SLEU), filed petitions to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for union recognition this week… 

Amanda Shubert, a GSU department organizer, expressed enthusiasm for GSU’s filing at the rally. ‘We’re really excited to say we just filed for a union election for graduate employees at UChicago,’ she said. ‘Graduate employees perform essential work and are really the backbone of UChicago.'”

Brandeis Graduate Students Vote to UnionizeInside Higher Education, 5/3

“Graduate students at Tufts University also are expected to hold a union vote this month, following a decision last year by the National Labor Relations Board saying that graduate teaching and research assistants on private campuses have the right to form unions. Brandeis students will join SEIU’s Faculty Forward, which already represents about 4,000 non-tenure-track faculty members in the Boston area.”

NLRB Clears the Way for Resident Advisors to Unionize, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/21

“In an unprecedented decision, the National Labor Relations Board has held that undergraduate resident advisers are eligible to unionize, in a case involving George Washington University.

American U Graduate Students Unionize, Inside Higher Ed, 4/11

“Graduate student workers at American University voted to form a union affiliated with Service Employees International Union, 212 to 40, they announced Monday. Some 761 students were eligible to vote, according to information from the university.”

After Negotiations, Police Union Ratifies New Contract, The Harvard Crimson, 4/4

“After months of negotiations, Harvard and a union representing Harvard University Police Department officers have agreed on a new contract that grants pay increases for union members and adds them to the University’s health care plans.

The new contract includes wage increases of 3 percent per year for Harvard University Police Association members, and a transition from the union health care plan to the University’s Active and Post Retiree health plans. The union’s old contract expired on November 30, 2016. The contract will last for four years.”

Columbia’s Initial Bargaining Goals Proposal, GWC-UAW Website

“We are pleased to present our initial bargaining goals. Here is a link to the full version, as well as a summarized version here. These proposals will be presented at general meetings to be held at both Columbia’s uptown and downtown campuses. “

Housekeepers Versus Harvard: Feminism for the Age of Trump. The Nation, 3/8

“A feminism for the 99 percent has been forged by working-class immigrant women who confronted Harvard’s first female president and Sheryl Sandberg”

Guard Union Votes to Ratify New ContractThe Harvard Crimson, 3/8

“Under the new contract, union members will receive a 3 percent pay increase on July 1, 2017, July 1, 2018, and July 1, 2019. In addition, the new contract increases the number of sick days that union members have in their “sick bank”—the number of unused sick days that workers can save to use later—from 25 to 30. They will also have one more sick day per year than under the former contract.”

Starving Harvard Hires Scabs to Replace Striking Cafeteria Workers. The Daily Beast, 10/10

“In anticipation of a strike, Harvard allegedly stockpiled three days’ worth of frozen foods. But now on the strike’s sixth day, students say they’re living on undercooked chicken prepared by untrained strikebreakers while administrators scour the faculty for any employees willing to serve breakfast.”

Harvard Calls on Employees to Volunteer During StrikeThe Crimson, 10/9

“Local 26, often using Harvard’s $35.7 billion endowment as a rallying cry, has called for the University to provide year-round work for interested employees and institute a “minimum guaranteed salary” of $35,000 for those workers.”

HUDS Strike Will Continue into the Weekend, More Dining Halls Close. The Crimson, 10/7

“As workers picketed across Harvard’s campuses on the third day of their strike, representatives from their Boston-based union UNITE HERE Local 26 continued contract talks with the University’s negotiation team.”

Harvard University dining hall workers strike over wages and health-care costs. The Washington Post, 10/5

“To make ends meet during the summer months, Pappas said she works in the mailroom at Harvard for $8 less than she makes during the year. Pappas, who has had Type 1 diabetes since 16, said covering the costs of her medication and doctor visits is already a challenge. Paying more out of pocket, she said, is something she simply cannot afford.”

Harvard Dining Services Picket in Historic Strike. The Crimson, 10/5

“‘At this, the richest university in the world, no worker that is here and that is ready to work should be making less than $35,000 a year.'”

Faculty Union Declares Victory as Lockout at LIU Ends. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/14

“The end of the lockout would bring a welcome end to 12 days of uncertainty and misgivings following the university’s use of what one faculty member called “the nuclear option.”

Support HUDS Workers. The Crimson Editorial Board, 9/13

“It is unreasonable for Harvard to undervalue its employees in this manner, especially since HUDS workers play a critical role in building community among students on campus. In particular, the demographics of HUDS workers make students of color feel more welcome on campus”

Cambridge City Council Resolution Congratulating HGSU-UAW, 9/12

“RESOLVED: That the City Council go on record congratulating the Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Auto Workers and all other students who stand to benefit from this [NLRB] ruling.”

An Unprecedented Faculty LockoutThe Atlantic, 9/7

“Locking out a university’s faculty right before the start of classes seems like a drastic step, but that is just what Long Island University (LIU) did this weekend, when it barred all 400 members of its faculty union from its Brooklyn campus, cut off their email accounts and health insurance, and told them they would be replaced.”

Cleaning After Hours. The Atlantic, 9/6

“Everybody loves respect at work. It’s part of humanity.”

Fewer Unions, Lower Pay for Everybody. The Atlantic, 8/30

“The idea that union decline has led to greater income inequality is supported by two new papers from Washington-area think tanks.”